The 14th. Annual Teddy Bear Poker Run

April 13th, 2015

The event is spearheaded by Penny,Larry and David Martin from Children's Caravan. Discount Tire was able to raise enough money from our gracious customers and vender's to be able to purchase 333 Teddy Bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop. ($2793.60 to be exact). This couldn't have been possible if it weren't for our customers and vender's, To them we say Thank You for they're support. All money raised is to be used for the purchase of stuffed animals to be give to the children that are admitted at Akron Children's Hospital Throughout the year. Sadly the animals that we generate for the September ride are normally gone by January as Akron Children's Hospital sees 500,000 children locally and from surrounding counties and states.

Sept 19th 2010 will be the 15th anniversary that Children's Caravan has been supplying stuffed animals for the children of Akron Children's Hospital Discount Tire is making it our personal goal to be able to raise 1500 Teddy Bears for the children. If you have a motorcycle we encourage you to join us for the fun filled event. If you are unable to attend or do not have a motorcycle please remember our goal the next time you see a new stuffed animal, drop it off and we will see that it gets to a child.

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