I like to think that I am a loyal customer. Ever since I started driving in 1988, I have purchased tires from Discount Tire. I bought my first set of tires from you when your location was at Lincoln Way & Main. I remember your words you spoke to me that day when i bought that first set of tires "You will not find a better deal on tires anywhere." Those words still ring so very true today. Through the years, I have been fortunate to watch your business grow into the company it is today. Although your prices have helped, I firmly believe the reason your business has grown is because of you dedication of service to your customers. Your honesty and integrity has had an effect on your employees. They truly care about the quality of work they perform on your customer's vehicles. One young gentleman I cannot say enough about is Mr. Tom Davis. This man cares deeply about his customers. I know he has had a hand in a transformation of the show room, waiting area and programming in your facility on Southway. His knowledge of tire types, tire performance and vehicle mechanics is simply amazing. What impresses me the most about Mr. Davis is the kindness and compassion he has for his fellow man. He cares about the relationships he forms with his customers. He goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of his customers whether they are for Discount Tire Outlet or for those within the community. A couple of weeks ago I brought my vehicle in for a basic service. Mr. Davis diagnosed the issues with my tires and performed a service at no charge. This speaks volumes about a man's character. I am fortunate to frequent an establishment that cares about their patrons not only as customers but also as people and friends. Thank you for operating a business with integrity.         God Bless               Brian A.

-Brian A.
Great service and prices! I have been taking my daughter there for tires since high school. The guys are informed and helpful.
-Sue C.
I was referred by a friend to go there, glad I did. It was quick, the guys were friendly and most of all very reasonable of prices. Thank you and I will refer them to anyone.
Good prices on tires, excelent service, most in stock tire changes done while you wait.
I was there a few months ago, no less that 10 customers stoped by while my car was being serviced. all bought tires or scheduled service and all left satisfied.
The place is easy to find on the north side of navarre off of 21/Main st.
Have great prices and service on used and new tires! Guy's are real friendly too and help ya out. Always go there for my tires!

Gave my girlfriend an incredible deal. Everyone there is super honest and extraordinarily friendly. I trust these mechanics completely. They even gave her a ride home when she dropped off the car!!!!

-Jeff K.

Tires & Struts Veryy pleased with price and work!

-Carl M.

Would not go anywhere else. They are always so nice to me here. Thanks

-Tamara M.

I stopped after working 3rd shift @ 9:30am & was told I would get right in but my 4 tires were no done intil 11:45am. I thought this was too long.

-Kevin C.

Fine Workanship!

-Kevin K.

These people are so terrific. My Late husband visited this establishment many times, But this was my first time. I was very nervous about getting work done on the car. But they made me feel very relaxed & did an excellent job!

-Karen M.

The guys were very nice,friendly. I've been taken advantage of before, being a woman and walking into a tire place can feel very over whelming. I dont't feel that when I go to Discount Tire Outlet. smiley

-Kim L.

Friendly, Fast and very Affordable.

-Mark M.

This is an individually owned shop and the guys ar eyoung and very good at what they do. I will always return to support a small local shop.

-Pam O.

Learned something new about it being a NAPA dealer too. The service and the employees are very nice and you get quality service too.

-Edward B.

The folks at Discount Tire Outlet do a great job and are so friendly and knowledgeable. I can trust their recommendations as well as the quality of their work.

-Karen H.

Everyone is extremely nice and knowlegable of the tires and what would best suite your particualr vehicle. This is great quality and we will continue to come back.

-Debbi G.

Tom and the staff at Discount Tire Outlet were very professional and they can be trusted. They went the extra mile for me. Thanks Guys!

-James B.

I found out after the gentleman told me that they were a NAPA Car Care Center. They were very friendly, fast and reasonably priced.

-Bethany J.

Very courteous and well managed

-Terry U.

Tom and his crew always provide excellent service. They are courteous and effcient in getting my vehicle donw when they say they will have it finished.

-Kenneth W.

From my phone call to setting up appt., my actual visit for new tires was a positive experience.

-Terry H.

I really appreciated the movie that was playing in the waiting room, Facing The Gaints.

-Cance C.

The people at Discount Tire Outlet are first claa, honest and dependable. I will always take my vehicles to them for service.

-Jerry B.

Thank you for your service!

-Lorie G.

Good job done.

-Harold W.

I always go here Tom does a great job as well as everyone else at Discount Tire Outlet.

-Bill K.

Good prices with great service & follow-up care when needed.

-Daniel E.

The workers were very nice, helpfu and very easy to work with. I would go agian for service.

-Jody N.

Although the tires were new, they were dirty when I arrived to pick up the car. It might be nice for them to wipe them down. Presentation is everything.

-Becky W.

To the guys at Discount Tire:

Wow!! You are awesome! In a day & age where everybody is trying to "rip u off"- u guys give me hope that there are nice people out there still. I'm the Ford Taurus that didn't have the money " but would glady pay you on Tuesday". You will difinetly will get good P.R. from me.     Thank-you

-Future Tire Buyer

Excellant people, great service. Shows customer respect.

-Ken S.

Very satisfied with service.  smiley

-Edward A.

I would rate "Tom" as a 10 on customer service.

-Gary S.

Tom is very honest.

-Ray M.

Will be a returning tire customer, and referring to my family and friends.

-Keely W.

Wonderful Facility and very courteous people.

-Tim L.

Have used this shop many times. They are very helpful and courteous.

-Rockie N.

I was very happy with the service. The employees were very kind and courteous. I would recommend this autocare center to anyone. I will go back!

-Ray Y.


-Gary V.

They know me by first name now. It is just around the corner from my home. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

-Bill K.

Love my tires. Thanks!

-Rick W.

Great experience!

-Daniel P.

I was very satisfied with the service and with the attentiveness of the employees. I would definitely shop there again.

-Carl B.


-Cutia Y.

I have always gone to Discount Tire Outlet and everyone there was always so nice and helpful. I do not plan on going anywhere else. And I recommend them any chance I get. Thank you.

-Stacy V.

They were amazing!

-Cassey H.

Great Job!

-James R.

Very nice young man (Rob)

-James D.

The associates at this facility were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. I was very impressed.

-Lillian K.

A great place tp deal with!!!!!!!!!

-Gary S.

Service was good. Thank you

-David W.

Excellent Service!

-Mary M.

Best prices on tires in the area!! ask for Tom... he is sure to give you a great deal!!


Very quick to get me in and done. * * * * * 5 Stars

-Donna B.

Competitive prices compared to other area retailers. prompt service, no delay.

-Robert O

Russ, just wanted to thank you, tires are great and the service was excellent! Will definitely recommend you guys and will contact you again when I need tires:-) thanks Shawn


I want to take time to promote a local business... discount Tire Outlet... I have not personally used them, but recently they did something truly amazing for the family that lost their home. They have developed a new costumer in me. There are some amazing people in charge of that company.

-Amy B.

 Very nice people and great customer service!

-Stephanie H.

I thank you so much for all that Discount Tire has done for this family. The family is so so thankful and humbled for your generosity. I am thankful also that strangers stepped up to help my co-worker in their time of need. Bless you all!

-Victoria D.

Great people!

-Faith T.

They are very great! Have always been impressed with this business.

-Jen C.

I live in Smithville and have bought tires there because they're prices were amazing!


I know them personally and they are awesome people!!

-Cheryl C.

We always get tires there! They are amazing people. We love them.

-Staci W.

Just bought new tires from them and they are wonderful. Very efficient, better prices than 4 other places I checked, courteous and professional. Would highly recommend.

-Carolyn K.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out! You really have no idea how much it really means to us! You and your husband have been such a blessing with helping us out!! I wanted to let you know that I am EXTREMELY impressed with how well they fixed our car and how great the service was! Everyone was so incredibly nice and understanding with everything! I am definitely going to take our car there anytime we need it fixed (which is going to be a lot here in the future haha) Please tell Tom and the rest of the guys at the shop that I said thank you and let them know how wonderful they were with me! The guy that is normally at the front desk, I believe his name is Rob?, is soooooo nice! I just can’t thank you enough! J

-Jordan D.

Great Place- friendly & helpful!!

-Glenna H.

The people are always kind & effcient, a place I enjoy dealing with!

-Jeff M.

Always curtious and helpful

-Patti G.

My new tires are awesome guys!!!! Thanks for the great deal, I'll be name dropping you to everyone I know!!

-Kate D.

Thanks for the tires and it was good to see the Bible displayed top center in the book rack. God bless.

-Troy S.

I don't know your names all I can call you is God's angels. Because you took presents and food to my Neices house for her babies she is raising. And it made me cry when she called and told me what you had done. That had to be the nicest thing ever. She You made a wonderful Christmas for her and those babies. And I know God will bless you all. Thank you again! God bless you all!    Gloria

-Gloria W.

I Want to thank you for the courteous service I received at your garage yesterday. Most of all I want to say how I appreciated seeing the Holy Bible and the copies of the Guideposts in your magazine rack. That gives me encouragement that God is still alive in America. Keep up the God Paar.

-Jean P.

Thank you so much Tom for all of your assistance.  I wish we were able to do business.  But thank you again for your prompt responses and advice!  I will highly recommend your business.

-Magan M.

Thank you so much for today! It means alot. FFC familiar is great, but it seemed everyone there was in a good mood. That's not what I expect at all walking into any automotive business. You have something really special there and it's felt from entering to leaving. Thanks again!


Thanks for fixing my tire for me for free! It's great to do business with a group like you have out there. Thanks again!

-Corey J.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the great experience. Your staff at the tire shop understand the true meaning of customer service. Not only are they quick but, they also take care in their work which can be hard to find these days. I had ripped open my hatch back (i drive a 98 Firebird) to get the jack and spare tire and it was all neat;y put back. Thanks again for the experience.

-Alex L.

If anyone needs new tires, go to Discount Tire Outlet on Southway St in Massillon. I got a new set of tires yesterday and have to say that they were so nice, did a great job, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Kim & Russ. Your business employees went above and beyond.

-Debbie K.

Thank you for the food basket for Thanksgiving. It's people like you that restore my faith in humanity. Thank you again

-Debbie D.

I've used Discount Tire Outlet in Massillon on the past and have always had excellent service. Their crew and work is one of the reasons I keep coming back.


Walked in told them I purchased tires online they took my name and keys with in an hour I was on my way. That Simple!

-Mr. Shopper

After ordering our tires we immediately recieved a call from the installers letting us know they received our order and our work trucks were only off the road for 1 day. The staff was friendly and also found time to do an alignment and oil change. I would use this service again for sure!

-Satisfied Driver

Called to tell me when the tires could be installed. They installed them very quickly and was very happy with the price they charged. Highly recommend!

Thank you for recommending I get 4 new tires! It help some much getting to work in all this snow. I was concerned with getting up a couple hills... Although many peopl had issues unfortunately... I did not and made it to work on time.
-Heather V.

Thank you for an excellent experience. Timely,professional, an overall good experience! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

-Randy J.

5 Stars! Wonderful customer service & prices without the bull?#$%!!!! Had me taken car of super fast & super happy with my bad a$$ tires!

-Heidi P.
I called looking for tires this was not the first placed I tried. In fact I though I was going to call NTB back an tell them that I was going to go with there tires. I realized that when I called within a few minutes of my conversation with Tony, that I had found my tire shop. This man knows tires and the value of listening to the customer. I didn't get told what I needed. I was given options. Good customer service is hard to find but, the service I received was top notch. I will be in bright and early Saturday morning for two new sets of tires for my wife and I. Thank you very much. The reviews on line is the reason I called you in the first place so, I will also be giving a great review on line.
-Paul B.

I was able to get tires on Saturady at your 2nd location. I was very pleased! Been a Ziegler Tire customer for years and they could not match your price for these tires. I think I just made a change!

-Dave B.

Discount Tire Outlet is a good place to get your tires, and have friendly people working there!

-Josh M.

Thanks Tom. You guys were working hard today under what were obviously some challenging circumstances. They should be commended!

-Steve H.

I bought two tires from you today and had them mounted and balanced, the wheel was hard to get off because my lug nuts were bad. I had to wait a while but it was worth the wait. I was charged a fair price and was treated very courteously! Thank you! I won't go any where else in the future. I would give you 10 stars if there were that many!

-Linda G.

Thanks a lot Tom, You clearly run the show and should be proud of the job you do!!! I really appericate the help and the different choice in tires you gave.  You run a good buisness and I trust the in the work that you guys do!

-Jamie A.

Hi. I just wanted to let you know how nice the young man that waited on us was! I'm terrible with names but I think his name was Robert. I was very impressed with his knowledge and how courteous he was. I will definitely recommend your place of business! I hope the tires are as good as your service! Thank you!

-Deb D.

Thanks for all tht you do, you're running a great business in Town!

-Steve H.